RW Circles

RealiseWomen runs free Women and Meditation workshops all over the world.
These FREE workshops promote the Self-realisation of women and thus Peace in the community.
They teach us that the source of peace is really within us - a sanctuary we can turn to, an up-lifting haven.

We work with women’s groups to help women and their communities find within themselves the source of their peace and empowerment.

Women love to chat. That is how we thrive, heal, find peace and joy..
Our inter-cultural exchanges celebrate the beauty and joy of our global sisterhood.

These are some of the areas we focus upon:

  • Finding our Inner Wisdom
  • Mothering the World
  • Bringing Up Emotionally Resilient Children
  • Nurturing our Own Emotional Well being
    • Going beyond Adverse Childhood Experiences
    • Moving on from Toxic Stresses such as Sexual Violence / Alcoholism / War
  • Being a Source of Peace & Harmony
  • Spreading Love & Kindness
  • Boosting Our Self- Esteem
  • Improving Our Communication Skills
  • Nurturing Men Towards a New Masculinity

Women’s Health

  • Meditation with Natural Health & Beauty remedies

Women in Business

  • Becoming a Facilitative Leader
  • Collaboration not Competition

Women & Art & Culture

  • Art Exhibition
  • Concert

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